Q Project: how it will take place!


What does this Q, which distinguishes everything that gravitates around RQI® Method, stand for?

It has several meanings: in Sanskrit Q represents the divine that is within us, but is also the western transcription of the Ku sound that means “one” and “earth”.
Q also means the base of the pyramid, as defined in analytical geometry.

What does combine these meanings?

The sense the founders of Q Institute Marco Fincati and Henry Caldari attributed to it: COHERENCE.

The Coherence, far from being a mere adjective to indicate human behaviour like others, is actually the key that allows you to take control of your own life and achieve your own fulfilment. It is that state of grace where the mind and heart are perfectly aligned and then everything becomes possible and also imaginable, as Fincati and Caldari like to repeat, “A better world starting from oneself”.

This is the Q Project’s meaning, a great and ambitious project, aiming to demonstrate in an unquestionable way the opportunity to achieve this change. This is the aim of the two Q Institute’s founders, who intend to use the RQI® method not only for teaching people to Self-well-being but also to spread the concept that

the change of a single person can effect much larger changes..

The RQI® Method really has the power to change each of us deep down, from the most material bases to the more advanced techniques. Not just self-healing and fixing physical problems, but bringing us new points view, a new awareness, a new opening of our mind and our heart, able to transform marvellously and miraculously our life. This path defines our change as human beings. If 10, 100, 1,000 human beings change, achieving high levels of “Coherence”, then they begin to change the communities, from small and local, to reach cities, regions, entire countries.

In order to promote this project and all that goes around it, from the scientific bases to the final objective, the Q Project Association was also founded, with the aim of spreading in Italy and in the world a greater knowledge of the coherence concept and its potential.


The project is intended to improve and steadily raise the collective consciousness of the whole population of a State, the Republic of San Marino, through the advanced use of RQI® practices and HeartMath® technologies. This project will provide a concrete example scientifically verified of positive change for the whole world, and for this reason it has already received support of the HeartMath Institute and will be inserted inside the Global Coherence Initiative, a worldwide support network to the elevation of the coherence of the entire Humanity.

It is known in fact, the use of the RQI® method and HeartMath® technologies, producing a measurable elevation of Mind/Heart Coherence, also produces scientific benefits measurable in terms of physical and psychological well being to the users, which extend to people nearby.

Why in San Marino?

Because it is, at the same time, a small local community, a city and a state with little more than 30,000 inhabitants: the change that will take place in the Republic of San Marino will be an example of how, working starting from oneself, it is possible to implement a global change.

The scientific basis

The practices of rebalancing and inner cleansing, including the RQI® method and HeartMath® practices are the basis for this project. The effectiveness of such practices is measurable through HeartMath® technologies, developed by the HeartMath Institute (California) and promoted by some leading researchers and disseminators worldwide.

HeartMath® devices allow you to check at any moment the level of Coherence of an individual, that is, the connection between mind and heart, through instantaneous analysis of heart rate variability.

More than 200 scientific studies have shown that such a parameter is related to the level of peace and inner serenity, at the level of stress in the response to the environment, at the level of “cleanness” of mind and thought, at the level of “opening of the Heart”, and therefore offers a scientific measurement of the quality and effectiveness of internal practices.

The Q Project also lays its own scientific foundations in the studies of the so-called “Maharishi Effect”, from the name of the pioneer in scientific studies on the effects of mass meditations, Maharishi Mahesh, Indian yogi graduate in physics, whose fame had a worldwide echo since the 70s. As a result of his studies, it was estimated that the Coherence generated by a group of equal number of meditators at the square root of 1% of the population of a territory, has the power to measurably influence the quality of life of the entire population.

Researches have proved that the Maharishi Effect has universal and replicable effectiveness, for example it is able to break down the crime rate of a city according to a percentage established in advance. With regard to this, an experiment was carried out in 1993 in the Washington district D. C. under the scrupulous control of a selected revision committee, composed of sociologists and criminologists of major American universities. A group of 4,000 participants practiced Coherence from June 7 to July 30.

The highest rate of abolition of violent crimes (i.e. murders, rapes, robberies and assaults) was 23.3%. The statistical probability that this result could coincide with a fortunate variation in the criminality rate was practically zero (p < 0.000000002).

Highest peaks of coherence from Q Institute

The HeartMath® Institute, which markets devices to measure the level of coherence, it also deal with monitoring of those using such equipment, and collects measurements in a database called Heartcloud, where rankings of people who reach the highest levels of coherence are drawn up. In October 2016 Enrico Caldari was the first, among RQI® practitioners, to climb up in top of the charts and be the person with the highest level of coherence in the world. After him Marco Fincati and also other collaborators of Q Institute made the top of the list. Then some students were added, as long as the ranking was literally invaded. To date, the ranking of Heartcloud is constantly composed by people trained at the Q Institute

Next November, after the success (sold out) of the first Course held by Enrico Caldari in March 2017, Q Institute will organise the second HeartMath® training course: special guest of the event will be Howard Martin, one of the founders of the American institute.

How the Q Project will actually take place

The experiment aims to maintain, within the Republic from San Marino, a group of people with a very highest level of Coherence consistently for the 21 days. The group must be 18/19 persons (equal to root squared of 1% of the population of the Republic of San Marino).

Considering that it is very difficult maintain a very high level of coherence consistently for more than 30 minutes, people who will take part to the project will be exchanged, thus ensuring coverage 24 hours a day for all 21 days. You will therefore have to draw on from a catchment area of at least 200 practitioners, duly trained in order to maintain the level of Coherence, who voluntarily become willing to participate for the entire duration of the experiment.

With the scientific support of the HeartMath Institute, Q Institute will provide monitoring tools for the results of the experiment, and in particular:

– real-time measurements of the level of Coherence of the group of 18/19 persons committed to maintain a level of “Very High” coherence, within 24 hours;

– samples of the population resident in the territory to be tested before, during and after the experiment to verify the effect on their quality of life (quality of the sleep, energy, creativity, performance at school or at work, stress reduction, anxiety, depression, and others physical or emotional disorders);

– collection of statistical data of the territory in order to evaluate any changes from previous periods to the experiment (deaths, hospital admissions, crimes, deaths, accidents, etc.).

At the end of the experiment, published scientific findings will be elaborated and published.

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