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Each day we eat approximately 3 kilos of food, including solids and liquids. In one year, the estimate is about one ton.Food is what allows us to continue with life and provide our body with all the nutrients, minerals salts and vitamins useful for its proper functioning. In other words, food provides life, but how? We know that heat (thermal energy) that food is capable of producing, can be measured with special equipment.

However, as it is expressed, the concept of calories is incomplete and misleading. In fact, the calories we can find on food labels that we buy at the supermarket are calculated in laboratories, and the energy the body uses to digest and assimilate those foods is not taken into account at all. Therefore, it is necessary to fully reconsider the concept of food and, in particular, the concept of energy associated with food. “Calories” consider foods from a biochemical point of view; but now we know that we are also a biophysical apparatus, so we should “measure” the validity of food in the same way: not only from a chemical point of view, but also from a physical / vibrational point of view.

Because we are beings made of biophotons that emit an electromagnetic field, the concept of health must be expressed in terms of “functional energy,” a form of nerve current – also called bioelectricity – that provides the necessary impetus for limb movement and gives vitality to all the cells of our body. Good nutrition is the basis for ensuring good health, because in food Nature offers us everything our body needs to nourish itself and regenerate.

Already in 400 BC the Greek physician Hippocrates, aware of the therapeutic potential of what we eat, said: “Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Even under Yoganidra, the Yoga of Knowledge, “Health is a dynamic state of energy, balance and vitality” and food, as it is the solar energy condenser, is only one of the sources that can ensure this balance.

The French engineer Andre Simoneton confirmed basically that food is nothing more than a condenser of solar energy. The greater the direct sunlight received by food, the fresher the food and undergoing less processing, and more vibrational energy.

The RQI® method helps us understand how to achieve a perfect balance of the five Elements, thus achieving the most complete and lasting physical and mental well-being.

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  • Identify food allergies (no equipment needed!)
  • Find that each food has specific vibration and energy content, which is very different from the concept of “calories”
  • Recognize foods that resonate with what you need and that give you real benefits, avoiding those that can cause problems
  • Improve and extend the shelf life of foods through the use of Q Food (Holistic Biotechnologies)
  • Use food as a good “ally” to keep the 5 Elements of your body in balance
  • Achieve high levels of health and energy and increase overall well-being and free your body of stress-causing toxinsIn other words, you will know everything you need to achieve full health due to all the recent discoveries related to food, in the field of Quantum Physics.

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