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The new applications of Quantum Physics and Energy Psychologies are finally brought together to solve stress, emotional trauma and inner problems.

Quantum Physics teaches us that the observer changes the observed. And even without calling into question quantum science, we know that if we change our point of view the perspective of the object we are looking at will change accordingly. Therefore, in Quantum Physics, the thought precedes the matter. The thought is responsible for creation.

This new approach transforms us from passive subjects into participants active in the creation of our reality. As thinking beings, by changing our view about certain events, we could transmute stress in non-stressful situations. All this will affect not only our perceptions, but also our health.

However, in order to heal our body it is not sufficient to simply cultivate positive thoughts because beliefs are rooted within our unconscious. And what our subconscious believes often remains hidden from our conscious thoughts. We must find a way to overcome the limits of the conscious mind and get immediately to the unconscious mind to clean and re-program it, otherwise we will always be slaves of past programs.

Quantum Psychologies are the latest and most effective techniques to easily get rid of “mental programs” such as phobias, anxieties, fear, guilt, lack of self-esteem and traumatic memories. If used correctly, they quickly recreate a person’s inner harmony and therefore in his/her environment as they work directly in the unconscious mind.

Through RQI Free Video-Lessons you will discover how to:

  • Quickly locate (in real time) potential sources of stress or energy stress inside and outside you
  • Balance communication between the left (rational) brain and the right (emotional) brain and appease anxiety and panic attacks related to different areas of your life: self-esteem, relationships, pain and loss, personal power and spiritual healing
  • Clear unconscious traumas and re-program the unconscious as best as possible, “transforming” rigidity and emotional blocks into occasions of joy and satisfaction
  • Use the Power of Intention to change the Unconscious Mind through the controls imposed by the Conscious Mind and finally free yourself from past traumas, memories, emotional blocks, to finally regain inner peace
  • Access the Superconscious Mind, that is the Superior Self, fully aware of the reality and that clears the thoughts that produce anxiety: you will know how to release internal traumas and recover a state of emotional serenity
  • Apply the Law of Attraction: you will clean up all the self-sabotaging beliefs that currently prevent you from attracting what you really want into your life
  • Expand your consciousness and reach a state of Consistency for your well-being and that of your loved onesNow you will finally have the opportunity to discover the simplest and most effective Techniques that are revolutionizing the world of Personal Growth and Inner Well-being.

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Find a solution now to stress, emotional traumas, and inner problems



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