The Mind-Heart connection is the tool for a Better World

It is now universally acknowledged, even by conventional medicine, that stress, or rather it bad management of stress, is the indirect cause of over 70% (many claim 90%) of the pathologies.

It is an inconceivable fact that stress causes a change in immune reactivity, yes therefore becomes much more susceptible to viral and bacterial attacks and reactions can easily appear allergic and autoimmune, in short, it weakens. As an alternative to this chaos, man has another infinitely more chance to do so interesting: it is the creation of a state of coherence within which the human being works in its best way, manifesting a healthy physical body, superior intelligence and creativity, powerful positive and disciplined emotions, in complete harmony with the environment.

All this is possible when the brain of the Heart is able to impose its will, its “rhythm”, this reveals the existence of a completely different circuit of consciousness.


Technologies and practices to increase coherence and resilience in life, work and study.

HeartMath® Institute, founded by Doc Childre in 1991 in California, is a research and training institute born out of the conviction that heart intelligence can lead humanity towards peace and harmony.

Here, several teams of important scientists from all over the world search for and develop scientific tools and methodologies to help people stimulate the connection between mind and heart, in order to reach a harmonic connection with the heart of others. This allows you to significantly reduce stress and unlock the “Intuitive inner guidance” to make better choices, through self-regulation of emotional flow.

With surprise of the medical world, HeartMath® scientists have discovered that heart has its own brain, as well its own nervous system and a neural network with sophisticated functioning with thousands of neurons.This little brain gives the heart the ability to perceive, independently, the processing of information, making decisions, having a sort of learning and memory.

Research has revealed that the heart is also a hormonal gland, able to produce many hormones autonomously and neurotransmitters that have a profound effect on both brain and body functions. Among hormones produced by the heart eg there is oxytocin, known as the hormone of love. It was also demonstrated that the heart is a key component of the emotional system. Scientists have understood that the heart not only responds to emotions but is able also to generate new ones through its own rhythmic activity. Another discovery, perhaps even bigger about the heart, is that it generates the strongest magnetic field of the human body, about five thousand times more intense than the brain. That field creates a template as a donut shape(toroid) extending well beyond the physical body and detected at distances between 1.5 and 3 meters from the physical heart with vertical axis centered on the heart.

Its Toroidal shape is often considered the most unique and primordial of the Universe.

The Mind-Heart Connection

It is now established opinion that the heart is submitted to the direct brain control through its own Neural signals. Nevertheless, the recent searches have shown that the heart, in reality, sends more signals to the brain of how much this doesn’t send to the first one of it, which have the effect to influence brain functions related to the elaboration of emotions, to the higher cognitive faculties: in other words, not only the heart influences the brain but also informs it of the most appropriate behaviors to keep.

The HeartMath® research has shown that cardiovascular models, that accompany the different emotional states, generate different effects on cognitive function and behavior.

During severe stress or moments of intense negative emotions, the heart rhythm model is
irregular and disordered, as the signals that go from the heart to the brain. These have the ability to progressively inhibit higher cognitive functions generating a loss of processing ability of information coming from the outside.
This incoherent state has the power to limit the ability to think lucidly, to remember, to learn new concepts or skills, formulating balanced topics and making the right decisions.

This explains why under stress you act impulsively and unconsciously, with almost without being able of thinking. On the contrary, emotional positive states will produce the opposite effect and cognitive functions come strengthened and pushed to their full potential, creating a state of emotional stability.

In conclusion, learning to voluntarily achieve the state of cardiac Coherence, using HeartMath® techniques, you can achieve enormous benefits for your body and mind.

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